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Matcha - green tea for lucid dreamers

In read recently in the biggest German lucid dreaming community about the positive effects of a special green tea, the Matcha. The tea is drunk before bedtime or during a WBTB and is said to cause vivid dreams with an increased level of lucidity.
Matcha Tea Powder (source: Wikipedia)
Also reports about many positive effects of regularly drinking matcha tea. He tells about preventive effects against Alzheimer disease and cancer as well as improving the quality of ones skin. But he reports drinking his Matcha tea every morning. Apparently he has not read about the lucid dreaming effects of his favourite tea...
But he offers a lot of interesting recipes, e.g. Matcha ice cream, Matcha smoothies and Matcha milk shakes.

What makes Matcha special in comparison to other green teas: You get Matcha as powder which is consumed completely. And the special way of producing this special tea enables to ingest 137 times more of the healthy substances than casual green tea.

You can buy the Matcha in well-assorted tea shops or at If you try to buy Matcha in badly-assorted tea shops, the clerks may look strangely at you, as if you are not able to pronounce Bancha correctly.  

If you buy cheap Matcha, it sometimes tastes like fish. I heard it's because in Japan it is not allowed to use artificial fertilizer for the Matcha tea plants. So the farmes use fish flour, which causes the strange taste.

Active agents:

Green Tea contains Teanine and Epigallocatechingallate (ECGC) which are interesting for lucid dreamers. Teanine increases the portion of alpha waves in the human brain and ECGC causes many of the good health effects of the green tea.

Preparation and Consumption

You should drink your green tea before bedtime or during your WBTB. One cup with 1/4 to 1/2 tea spoon should suffice.

Something that does not work:

One night I made a test what will happen if I dramatically increase the dosage of the green tea powder.  The more the merrier was not exactly true in this case.
I think I took 5 tea spoons of tea powder and 1 liter of water, lemon juice and ice cubes.

The following night I didn't have as intended tons of lucid dreams. Instead of this I spent the whole night in a semi-asleep state with a lot of stomach-ache the following day. 

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