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The WILD - Inducing Hypnagogic Imagery

Is it possible to induce or to intensify hypnagogic imagery?

There are some variations of the WILD technique which require the ability to see and to quietly observe hypnagogic images. If you are able to watch them with a calm mind you may conciously enter a dream.
Some dreamers have almost no problem entering hypnagogia, other dreamers need a few hours of practice.
I want to list some tips that worked well for me.

Optimizing the WBTB

If you are a beginner at lucid dreaming it will be a good advice to start your WILD attempts early in the morning after a short time of being awake (WBTB) instead of WILDing in the evening.
After a few hours of sleep your REM phases increase in length and your dreams get more vivid. It also becomes easier to trick your brain entering the REM sleep directly instead of having a phase of deep sleep first. 

So you leave the bed after 4 to 6 hours of sleep and remain awake for 20 to 90 minutes. After that period you go to bed again and try to consciously enter a dream.
Ideally you will be able to see or feel hypnagogic effects quite quickly. If not there is a lot of potential for optimizing your WBTB. If you have trouble falling asleep again you may shorten the period of being awake as well as the time of your core sleep.
If you fall asleep to quickly you may prolong your core sleep or the time of being awake. 
After a short period of experimenting with the WBTB you will have found the optimal combination for hypnagogic imagery and entering the dream.

Stretching and Yawning

After a while of excessive stretching and yawning your body will be wonderfully relaxed.
To induce yawning for some people it is sufficient just to think about yawning and they can get started.
If you have problems starting to yawn making chewing motion with your jaws while inhaling through your nose may help. On the exhale you may continue chewing and start humming a tone.
You may amplify this process and start stretching, writhing and lolling. After 5 to 10 minutes you will be as relaxed as a sleeping baby.


There is a relaxed, slightly tired and joyous state of mind after having sex. In this state I regularly have very intense hypnagogic imagery.
Robert Bruce writes in 'Astral Dynamics' about a technique of inducing OOBEs called 'remote eye projection' which resembles the WILD technique.
One of the best times to attempt a remote-eye projection is after a lengthy period of lovemaking, when a couple finds them selves deeply relaxed, maybe even exhausted, but still awake enough to be talking together in the early hours of the morning, when everything is quiet and there are no distractions.
Kundalini Meditation

When I experimented with Osho's Kundalini Meditation at younger age I accidentally had a WILD.
This meditation consists of tree different phases of each 15 minutes. In phase one you shake your body quickly, in phase two you jump and dance and explode. After this exhausting phase of katharsis you just sit down and feel your body.
Sitting there I saw pictures rising before my closed eyes which became more and more intense. I simultaneously became very tired and so I lay down and finally I started dreaming and realized after about 10 seconds that I am dreaming.

Impressive movies and experiences

Souce: Wikipedia
Visually stunning experiences or movies give me quite vivid hypnagogic pictures the following evening e.g. walking the whole day around Berlin's sights or hiking in the forest.

After watching the movie 'The Cell' at the cinema I had tons of hypnagogic imagery the following two or three nights.
The plot of the movie is quite interesting: A female psychotherapist has the possibility of entering their clients' subconscious mind with the aid of a certain device. There she can find a solution for their problems.
After a girl was kidnapped she has to enter the kidnapper's mind to find the place where the girl is locked.
Their client's subconscious consists of very surreal but impressive landscapes.
After going to sleep I saw similar pictures which appeared before my closed eyes and watched them while drifting into sleep.

Mantras und Visualization

If you practice mantra meditation or a form of internal images when you are tired there may appear very interesting effects.
What kind internal images you use does not matter. If you have not tried this before you may start creating geometric structures with your eyes closed. Maybe you can start with a green triangle or the Tibetan 'A' you see on the right. 
A different way is watching a random object quite intensively for a short time like 20 seconds and after that closing your eyes. You will see a afterimage for a few seconds. With a short period of practice you will be able to sustain this picture for as long as you want. 
If you do this when you are tired the internal pictures will start to get a life of their own which indicates that you start dreaming.

Internal images do not have to be visual. Robert Bruce developed a system of tactile imaging which he calls NEW Energy Ways.

To recite mantras or any affirmation helps you keeping a part of your mind awake while you are falling asleep.
You may start using an affirmation as 'I will realize that I am dreaming' or a classical mantra as 'Om Mani Padme Hum'.

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