Samstag, 22. September 2012

Meditation and Lucid Dreaming

In a Study of 1992 by Jane Gackenbach discovered that regular practice of Meditation increases the frequency of Lucid Dreaming. In her Publication
Interhemispheric EEG coherence in REM sleep and meditation: The lucid dreaming connection she discovered that

[...]The emergence of consciousness in sleep (lucidity) is enhanced by the practice of meditation and is most likely to occur during the stage of sleep that shows interhemispheric balance in the alpha/theta range, REM
According to my experience I have more lucid dreams when I meditate often. Before I knew that lucid dreaming is a learnable skill I had occasionally had some lucid dreams in periods when I did a lot of meditation.

Unfortunately I don't know which kind of meditation increases the lucid dreaming frequency most. It would be also interesting to know what exactly causes the lucidity. Is it the increased alertness during the day which remains up to the REM-Phases? Or the relaxation like increased alpha waves?
There are a lot of different forms of meditation.
Osho introduced in his 'Book of secrets' on 1152 pages about 112 different forms of ancient indian meditation. There is a big chance that you will find one that fits.

The most popular techniques can be found in his book 'Meditation - the first and last freedom' which is much cheaper and shorter.

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