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Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a possibility to influence the state of your brain via sounds. 
They consist of two tones of a slightly different frequency which are played via stereo headphones in each ear. Due to interference effects in your brain you can hear a beat of the difference of the two frequencies if the tones do not differ more than 30Hz.
If you hear a tone with a frequency of 220 Hz in your right ear and one with a frequency of 232 Hz in your left ear you will hear a beat of 12 Hz in your head.

Your brain tries to adapt this frequency and produces more brainwaves of this frequency difference.

That's the theory.
Practice unfortunately is a little more difficult.
Robert Monroe and Kelley Howell who provide a wide range of binaural beat brainwave entrainment spent much time and money for the development of their tracks.
In his book 'Far Journeys' Monroe writes that he did more than 60 000 sessions of research with his volunteers to find the optimal sounds to entrain the brains of his clients to get the wanted effects.
Kelley Howell even managed to weave the binaural sounds into music which makes it much more pleasant to listen.


The effectiveness of binaural beats depends on further parameters:
The ability to let go, the feeling and the faith one has towards this method and the current mood. [1], [7]
You may support the process of entraining certain frequencies in your brain with relaxation techniques, visualization and affirmations. If you darken the room and deprive your senses you may amplify the effect even more.


Listening to binaural beats in a high beta range improves concentration and awareness as well as mood [3] and memory performance [6], [7].
Binaural Beats in low frequency ranges improve anesthesia: The state of people under anesthesia is permanently controlled. If the anesthesy becomes unstable they get a dose of Fentanyl. With the aid of binaural beats the dosage of Fentanyl can be significantly reduced. [4] What impresses me is the fact that it is not necessary that the patients do not have to be awake to make the binaural beats work. 

One study about panic disorders had positive yet not significant results [5].

My personal experience

Does this work for me?
Good question. I have spent a lot of money on binaural stuff so far. Something around $400.
And yes, I can feel an effect, for example hypnagogic states, falling asleep faster, getting more and more relaxed, whole body vibrations, sexual arousal. (Kinda weird what stuff I spent money for)

One problem I had was a lack of sleep due to my work and family situation. Most time I apply somehow relaxing binaural beats I immediately fall asleep. That gave me some problems testing my CDs.
Except the times I drank to much caffeine but wanted to fall asleep with sleeping aids. That worked wonderful.

But in times I had enough of sleep and listening to the tones and sounds I could let go and ride the wave of relaxation and good feelings. It took me somewhat of 20 sessions to learn to just let go and feel the effect.

But up to now I didnot have a lucid dream or an OOBE which was definitely caused by one of my CDs.


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Nur in deinem Kopf - Das Update für Geist und Gehirn von Arvid Leyh - German Edition

Far Journeys by Robert Monroe


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