Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Free Binaural Stuff

1. The MetaMind Mindmachine
The MetaMindMachine is an open source brainwave entrainment software and runs on Java. There are some preset settings as well as the possibility to generate tracks on your own.
For visual brainwave entrainment you may either use the screen or use an USB goggle.

You can find the possibility to stream 9 different binaural tracks on this page. The Tracks are named like Euphoria, Through the mind, out of body, and so on.

3. Thenaural Binaural Beat Generator
Gnaural, like the MetaMind Mindmachine, creates the beats at the moment you are listening to them. There also are presets and the possibility to create your own binaural tracks.

4. Boxed Nirvana
This Mp3-file sounds somehow esoteric: It is said to stimulate your energy body to make an out of body experience possible. Anyway: it's up to you if you believe in astral journeys or out of body experiences but in the lucid dreamers community there is a something like the minimum consensus: If you have something that facilitates astral journeys it will facilitate a WILD as well.
So you can skip fruitless arguments and just discuss your experiences. 
In the Astralpulse forum the Mp3 got good feedback. 
5. Lucidquest
Lucidquest offers brainwave entrainment tracks witch cost but there are two free samples: The 8-Minute-Brain-Stretch and the Mind-Meditation-Balance-Exercise.
I didn't find any study about isochronic tones. Supposedly isochronic tones work even better than binaural beats. 
The principle of Isochronic Tones is similar to a shamanic drum: frequent stimulation of certain frequencies.

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