Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Lucid Aids: Free Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Downloads

Neuralswarm, a user of the Dreamviews lucid dreaming community created three hypnosis MP3 files to induce lucid dreams. You may download them for free from his blog

At the moment he is studying hypnotherapy and has taken courses on hypnosis
around the world.

Currently there are only very few reports available how this files work. But Neuralswarm / NoLiesPlease is looking forward for reading experience reports and comments by people who tried the hypnosis files.


There are so many promising hypnosis videos for lucid dreaming on Youtube. I would love to try one every evening and document the results. If you had success with a certain hypnosis file, please comment.
You can also find free downloads for lucid dreaming hypnosis files at

There are also hypnosis files available on soundcloud:

Self-Hypnosis: Connecting to Core Essence-Deep Sleep
07 01 astral projection hypnosis session binaural tones
Lucid Dream OBE Exploration. - Cycle while sleeping,or after 4 hours of sleep. Comfortable volume.

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